The Storehouse Foundation – Dec. 2015 – Okegun, Ilupeju

The Storehouse Foundation – Dec. 2015 – Okegun, Ilupeju

The Storehouse…touching lives!

God has blessed and sustained the people of the world in so many ways that they have lost count of His goodness and mercy. Imagine the world without air and water. God gives freely to the entire world population. Think about the spatial size of the world which accommodates millions of people. Reflect on the sinful nature of man which is contrary to God’s statutes, yet he loves, blesses, forgives and fights our battles. The feeling of gratitude overwhelms us when we flashback to some memorable occasions when the hand of God moved mightily in our lives.


The Storehouse is an initiative to give thanks by giving back to the society.

Storehouse Items: Food and Clothing

Target Group: The Needy and Not-so privileged children

 Location: Rural areas of Nigeria (Okegun, Ilupeju)

 Team Members: Volunteers

Resources: Personal Savings and Donations



December 23, 2015


All, Giving

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