Managing A Bank Call Centre During A Pandemic

Managing A Bank Call Centre During A Pandemic

Managing a bank call centre during a pandemic can be inundating, yet customers remain the fulcrum for business sustainability.


Recently, I initiated a call to the callcentre of a leading commercial bank in Lagos for an urgent enquiry. I was welcomed by the IVR. “I am sorry we are busy at the moment it might take up to five minutes.” Bla bla bla. I waited patiently. Before the end of five minutes, I was directed to more options and finally to a WhatsApp number to send my request via text. I desperately needed to speak to a live agent on that day. I was very frustrated. After the tortuous experience, I held off for sometime and tried again, yet they were unresponsive.


Finding answers to the following service lapses will help improve efficiency and restore customer confidence.

  1. Are inbound calls to callcentres truly free?
  2. Is it not unprofessional to keep customers on call queues when in fact service reps are not available to attend to them?
  3. Are channels of communication up to speed and available for interaction at peak periods?
  4. When last did you conduct a customer satisfaction survey to assess your own performance?
  5. How do other banks manage their call centres and leverage opportunities presented by this pandemic?

Reflect on these and leave your comments below.

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