Customers are like a Swarm of Bees

Customers are like a Swarm of Bees


Let us appreciate our customers and be proactive in creating positive experiences for them by innovating great products and services. Aim to delight, retain and attract customers. That’s the way to go!

It is my pleasure to share and discuss my favourite customer service quote.

“Customers are like a swarm of bees.

Without the honey, there is no attraction.”

The sweetness in the nectar of the flower attracts bees. As the bees enjoy this sweetness and suck the nectar from flower to flower, they carry pollen grains that pollinate the plants. The bees fly to the beehive to deliver the nectar where it is converted to honey, which is their source of energy.

Honey has a sweet taste which draws not only swarms of bees but living beings too. Human consumers savour the sweetness of honey in drinks and beverages. However, sweetness in customer service delivery goes beyond acts of sweetness such as a smiling face, a warm welcome, a polite and knowledgeable team, a great product and an outstanding after-sales support.

Great customer experience is generated through a well- articulated service strategy that delivers continuous doses of caring efforts to all categories of customers, at all times. I describe it as a sustained momentum of wowing attitudes to customers. The aggregate effect of wowing your customers is an emotional attachment to a brand of service. At this point, like a bank, you lock them in and start to manage their emotional account. When you wow your customers, they will not only make repeat visits to your business but will advertise it by word-of-mouth to others thereby making your business more visible to attract customer patronage. So, create more service funnels to attract customers and keep them coming back.

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