Consider CONVENIENCE as the most important factor when making a buying decision or benchmarking your competitors.


SERVICES. Customers’ preference for digital engagements has skyrocketed. Banking services, meetings, entertainment, virtual classes and social events via video conferencing or live streaming are the new and next level conveniences.


DELIVERY. The value of on-the-spot and door-to-door deliveries transcends any pandemic. Take a customer’s grocery to his car. Pick up his car for monthly wheel balancing and return afterwards at no extra fee. By this service, you lock in his emotion for more business. That’s the Power of Plus 1.


PERSONAL ATTENTION. Organizations which are nimble always enhance employee capacity through recertification. This enables quality employee interaction with customers. Competency to answer questions, handle complaints, give feedback, monitor buying patterns and provide advice when and where necessary.


LOCATION. Efficient public engagement and transparency is a convenience that builds trust and respect. The New York daily briefing by Gov. Cuomo during the peak period of Covid-19 was a situation report in that location.


USABILITY. Customers prefer to click to order online from the comfort of their homes than on queue at a grocery.

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