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YFY Consulting is a customer-focused company that provides support and assistance to companies, individuals and professionals to improve customer service delivery.

YFY Learning Centre

At YFY, we customise our training to suit your needs. Please click here to view a PDF file showing our full list of courses available.

YFY Job Centre

We pride ourselves as professionals in the art and science of recruitment and selection. We will meet your hiring needs within your budget to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

For Customer Service related jobs and recruitment, send your CVs/company’s requirements to

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A Handbook of Customer Service Quotes: This is the latest customer service book in the market. It is a motivational guide to service excellence designed for individuals, professionals and business owners. ‘A cherished gift to pass on to others’.

Learning & Development

Training can be a powerful tool. However most training is not because it fails to break through the clutter and make a difference…

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Our Consulting Services

These and more are our cutting-edge consulting services:

Customer Care Assessment

We offer an in-depth analysis of a company’s Customer Care ...

Satisfaction Surveys

We design and implement customer satisfaction measurement ...

Competitive Benchmarking

Using recognised benchmarking tools, published information, ...

Communication Audits

We take an objective look at how you communicate, internally ...

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