Customer Care Assessment
We offer an in-depth analysis of a company’s Customer Care function with emphasis on the 5 pillars of Customer Care; Culture, Customers, Employees, Processes and Technology. The outcome of the analysis is a detailed design for a comprehensive Customer Care system in an in-house or outsource environment.


Satisfaction Surveys
We design and implement customer satisfaction measurement programmes that provide meaningful information for organisations. Typically, surveys measure staff performance as well as overall customer satisfaction. Survey data is gathered, analysed and reported. If desired, recommendation is offered.


Competitive Benchmarking
Using recognised benchmarking tools, published information, web research, mystery shopping and direct contact, we develop a comprehensive analysis of how you and your competitors are positioned in the market against a range of hard and soft factors.


Communication Audits
We take an objective look at how you communicate, internally and externally and what it is like to contact you. This includes telephone, fax, proposals, presentations, e-mail/web and face-to-face.


Keynote Presentations
We are available to deliver in-depth leading edge keynote presentations at conferences and company meetings on a variety of customer care topics.


Business Advisory Services
We provide business advisory services to our clients to help them resolve operational issues.


We create and redesign websites for organizations. We have a track record of excellent services   and our products are of high standards. We make your organizations more visible and promote sales through the creation of promotional materials, videos and corporate gifts.

Learning & Development

Training can be a powerful tool. However most training is not because it fails to break through the clutter and make a difference.

YFY has redefined training so that our clients get what they need and get it fast. Our goal is to hook our audience and draw them in, because once we have their attention, that’s when they start listening. Then we keep them listening to and interacting with our message using our proven methodology so they remember it and can immediately apply it on the job.

The result is that the sales force and channel partners will know more, sell more, and elevate customers’ experience to an entirely new level.

You need more than a change. You need the YFY Customer Care Learning model.


We write and publish articles. We have authored many titles on emerging trends in Customer Care.


We set up Call Centres and outsource call centre agents, front desk officers, customer service representatives, secretaries and personal assistants.